We’re back after a long leave

Orpheus ~ EvitaWorks

im evita site im leo My name is Eva Campbell and I am a professional painter, and mom. I’ve been away for the last two years because of maternity, so my husband Alex and I think it’s a good time to catch up with all you now that we’re back.

Lately, we’ve overhauled our portfolio, and have expanded the workshop with a fresh line of affordable hand-made items that perhaps might be of your interest once again. For each one of our paintings, we have now Signed Edition Art Prints, Prints on Woodblocks, and Art Cards. Art inspired from varied motifs and traditions around the world, depicting the eternally beautiful divine feminine that has always been the main focus of my work.

Our complete art portfolio:
And workshop:

It would be thrilling if you come and have a look!

Warm wishes, from the foothills of Vitosha mountain,

Eva and Alex
Sofia, Bulgaria

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