Items received are beautiful

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Seller mailed all items within 2 days of payment. A+++++ on part of the seller. All items received were exactly as listed. Items received are beautiful. All items came international post, but the originating country held on-to the mail for almost 7 weeks before sending the mail posted to me by the seller, to USPS for delivery. Seller gets an A+++++ rating. The originating post office however gets a failing grade from me. I do not understand why no mail was sent by / from them to USPS for more than 7 weeks. The postal receipt date, from the seller, was clearly 2 days after my payment. USPS delivered within 2 days of the items reaching the USA. All items did finally arrive. I’m glad I had a tracking nuimber. Seller was great with responding to questions, and was just as stymied by the delay, on my registered mail items as I was. Seller is blameless, Great items. Thanks for all the communication.I Will but from this seller again, I Just hope USPS actually receives any future items from the Foriegn postal service faster than 7 weeks next time.

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